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The course material posted is for Summer Semester only. 

Fall Semester Course Materials will be posted by August 11. Fall online orders will be available for pick up beginning Wednesday, August 19.  Textbook room G105 will open August 19.  You are required to wear a mask to enter building.

some courses require a new digital course material: Instant Access

Instant Access is a platform for delivering digital course materials for certain courses at a discounted rate.  This new digital textbook delivery method gives you immediate access to course materials the first day of classes. The best part is that it provides you affordable access and the opportunity to engage with course content in an interactive way. The program allows us to reduce your costs for course material compared to traditional print text, and ensures you have easy access to the content on the first day of class. 

The Instant Access item will display as out of stock, but the price listed is the price (plus sales tax) that will be charged to your STUDENT account for the materials. you do not order it. your Access will be available the first day of class.

OER stands for Open Educational Resources.  There are some courses that will use this form of course material.  It is information that exists online and is free to students.  The College Store may have hard copies of this information for purchase. Please check with the College Store for more information.


special note: we are offering "cengage unlimited" as an option for any courses requiring course materials that come from the publisher: cengage. check with the college store for more information.

 Pick up online orders in room g100 (main) or room a003 (akron).

 Call if you have any questions. (Alliance satellite students please e-mail college store for shipping/pickup options collegestore@starkstate.edu)

Financial Aid orders must be picked up for online orders for Summer semester. Please call to verify if you have any questions:330-966-5452.

Please note, if orders are not picked up by the end of finals week the order is non-refundable.

Order Textbooks from The Bookstore

Please allow at least 2 business days for all orders to be filled. Pre-paid with credit card can be shipped via UPS. Orders paid with student accounts must be picked up unless authorization is given. Choose between the main campus (North Canton) or Akron (Perkins) campus.  You are required to wear a mask to enter building.

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