Adult Domestic Workers in Uganda: An Analysis of Human Rights and Social Injustice looks at adult domestic work within the framework of human rights and social injustice. It highlights the marginalisation of domestic workers in human rights covenants and other legal instruments, and examines the various ways in which the human rights of most of these workers are infringed. The situation of domestic workers is not widely discussed. Even less do people consider that the circumstances under which most domestic workers perform their tasks, which are crucial to the stability of many urban households, epitomise a blatant breach of human rights in addition to constituting cases of gross social injustice. The ndings of this study can be generalised to domestic work throughout Uganda, and obviously many other African countries, since the case studies are a microcosm of what takes place in many households across the continent. The book strongly recommends regularising as well as improving the terms and conditions of service of domestic workers, with a view to ensuring respect for their human rights and attainment of social justice.
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